Itchy skin no rash

Psoriasis has a predictable course, each case has its own course. It is a chronic disease for life and the patient must learn to cope adequately with the disease, control to live normal lives.

Psoriasis is an autoimmune skin disease genetic means itchy rash. It is a disease chronic hyper-proliferative skin of unknown etiology, which shows a wide range in severity and distribution of skin lesions. In most cases, only affected the skin, and there was no involvement of other organs or systems. In small percentage of cases and is associated with arthritis. Men and women are equally affected, aged between 20 and 40, may, however, arise at any stage of life and often in people with white skin and is rare in blacks, Asians, and there among the Eskimos.

How is a disease that affects the skin and lead to the itchy skin but no rash, body, external and visible, the disease has psychological effects are not negligible. As for how each person sees himself relates to personal development in a society that is often more sensitive to the way that personality characteristics, the best care to have with a person affected by this disease is to give psychological support (tenderness, affection and attention).

Often, psoriatic arthritis (Or arthritis) is confused with gout because similar symptoms such as swollen joints and painful end. To make an accurate diagnosis is necessary to find a good rheumatologist who is a study of the history of the disease that the individual has had, besides his family, being a hereditary disease. Sometimes you must be an arthroscopy. These can be confused with the year of psoriasis symptoms as manifestations of other diseases. For example, back pain and stiffness can confused with spine problems, deformities of the nails may be confused with fungal attack, ulcers and scaling of the scalp, behind the ears and eyebrows can be confused with seborrheic dermatitis.

It manifests with inflammation in skin cells, causing a disproportionate increase in its production, that accumulates on the surface, forming plaques of scaling red white or silver. In the midst of an inflammatory focus and immune systems. The local defense system formed by T cells activated as if the skin in the region had been assaulted. Consequently, release substances that mediate inflammation to accelerate the pace of proliferation of skin cells.

These recent discoveries are important for drugs that act only in the affected areas, reduce side effects and increase their effectiveness. Is currently up more than thirty products in the world. The sites of predilection of psoriasis are the knees and elbows, scalp and region lumbar-sacral – all frequent sites of injury.

Types of psoriasis:

  • Plaque psoriasis
  • Inverse psoriasis
  • Guttate psoriasis

The understanding of psoriasis is so complex that it looks like a disease, but several in one. So unpredictable evolution or regression.

Psoriasis care:
* A moderate sun exposure is considered beneficial.
* Viral infections can trigger psoriasis. In patients with HIV infection, skin suffer negative changes.
* Stress, the vast majority of patients, can trigger or worsen the disease.
* Drugs in general, such as snuff, the alcohol, drug injecting power, beta blockers (antihypertensive), antimalarial drugs and some anti-inflammatories and analgesics should be avoided.
* Avoid rapid climate change and always tell your disease and drug abuse, while in the medical or dental care to be taken by the professional.

Several types of temporary relief are available and their effectiveness varies from patient to patient.

Psoriasis Treatment:
* Topics: ointments, bathing in the skin.
* Clean the fish before use.
* Psychotherapy.
* Hydrotherapy baths, mud, etc. ..
* Acupuncture also helps in the process This healing, relaxes and relieves stress.